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Legacy Minutes

Pillar 1: Prayer - It All Starts Here

Prayer is the foundation of a lasting legacy. Through prayer, God opens our eyes to His will and plans, and
He gives us the wisdom and power to live purposefully and build our legacy.

Pillar 2: Persona - Who You Are... Is Who You Are!

Persona is who we are at our core. It is our true character and attitude toward life and people.
Our legacy is the reproduction of our persona, and it is greatly shaped by our inner circle.

Pillar 3: Purity – The Pathway to God’s Presence and Power!

Purity, especially sexual purity, is one of the MOST important things in a man’s life. A man’s thoughts and actions in this area have the power to bring clarity and focus or the power to ruin and distort EVERY other area of life.

Pillar 4: Purpose - Unlock What You Were Created to Do

Understanding purpose is the key to living out our destiny. Knowing and having purpose is the beginning point and driving force of building our legacy.

Pillar 5: Priorities - To Live Out Your Purpose You Need a Plan of Attack

Life hands us an endless to do list that will eat away at all of our time and resources if we let it.
Establishing and maintaining priorities allows us to develop a winning plan of attack!

Pillar 6: Perseverance – Tough Times Introduce You to Yourself!

Tough times introduce a man to himself. Facing fear and trials will teach us not to quit, ever! While we are living our purpose and executing our game plan, we will have to go through tough times, be prepared!

Pillar 7: Power - Holy Spirit Unleashed, He will Provide Opportunities You Never Had Before

When we chose to follow Christ, God filled us with the Holy Spirit. He brings the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead and into our lives and works through us! When the Holy Spirit is unleashed in our lives, He will provide new opportunities and the power to succeed!

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